Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have a frat brother named Matt but I'm not in a frat. We share the same human parents, one female, one male. He is in a frat but it's cool because he's read Peter Singer's work, eats meat occasionally but not excessively, and understands he's a speciesist because of it. He has some pretty cool frat brothers with whom I do not share preceding generation human parents and also they do cool outdoor stuff like solo hiking the Appalachian Trail and climbing rocks and things of that nature. My frat brother goes to the University of Illinois and was a part of the coolest group at the Firehaus bar where we drank Fat Tire. Dan bought me a Fat Tire, my frat brother's frat brother, he told me about hiking the Appalachian trail by himself for six weeks, going into a town once a week to purchase more edibles, my frat brother want to drink some of my Fat Tire beer from Dan so I let him, we shared the drink. We shared a drink. I told my frat brother of my plans to bicycle around a large body of water created by a large glacier millions of years ago. I told Dan of my plans to bicycle around the lake crossing via ferry near Mackinaw Island. My frat brother brought me to this delicious late night restaurant where they have pure vegetarian sloppy joes. Delicious was had there. The americano from the cafe this morning was also more so than the iced coffee procured at the McDonald's "restaurant" yesterday evening. Why are there so many fat Americans? The U.S. is currently working to address the issue of obesity. It is a complicated issue that relates to lifestyles, and eating a diet high in fat and calories, as well as physiological factors (including genetics). You will also notice that there are many Americans who are very concerned about good health and exercise regularly and make healthy choices when they eat.


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