Sunday, March 29, 2009

another part of the lips sequence

necessitate yr lips we exist to perce yr lips exist to miss wire lips we exist to pierce yr lips exist to mist yr lips we exit to prr why are lips exist to g[e/a]ther mist yr lips we extinct to piece were lips exist lips exist to pierce to exist to pree two piece to exist and peacefully to exist to missed yr lips in attempting to kiss to lips yr lips exist to misty to pieace why are lips foggy to wire lips purse yr lips uncaged to mist you missed yr lips ...piece wire lip equipped to mist yr lips priest yr lip equipped w words to exist to yr lips we extinct to gather sounds to yr lips we exist to piece sounds to exist in foggy mist to lips exit utterances yr top and bottom utter lips mutters yr lips to exist sands missed the kiss yr lips exist to purse yr lips exist to miss yr lips we exist we exist we exit to pierce yr lips in mist lips to form kiss sound exist lips to exist we exist in lips we exit lips in exist


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