Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my life as of now

This is what I've been doing since graduating from college and moving from Normal to Naperville: lifeguarding, studying for the GRE, swimming, biking, reading, writing (some), and running. Now that's not a horrible existence, at all. In fact I'd like it if my whole life could be a healthy combination of all those things. But I'm living at home, which is rough.

I was told over and over that going back to live at home is difficult, and I almost stayed in BloNo because of this advice, but I chose staying at home to save money at the last minute. I hate Naperville. I dislike suburbia, especially Naperville. Everyone in this city thinks they're entitled to whatever the fuck they want because they "pay more in property taxes than they do." I disliked 90 percent of Bloomington and Normal combined, too; it was only 10 percent that made a college town with almost nothing but a relatively small college campus enjoyable. Leaving campus was more irritating than going anywhere in Naperville is because the people not affiliated with ISU think they're the shit because they work at State Farm, or their husband works at State Farm, and they can afford to get even fatter off of steak from Texas Roadhouse every night. While I'm in Naperville I can at least try to find the inevitable 10 percent in this town. On the internet I found a group of writers who meet weekly in Naperville--a possible 2 percent--only 8 more to find!

But, my mom marched in the Labor day parade yesterday holding a sign which read: "Trust god not government," and someone at the pool I lifeguard at told me "I should be very proud of her" for that. My mom also started watching the Glenn Beck show. She treats every one of his words as absolute truth.

I'm starting to seriously doubt actually being able to stay here for almost 12 more months. Maybe I'll have to have and get a studio in Logan Square or something like that.

p.s. I plan to start keeping this thing more frequently updated.



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