Friday, December 5, 2008

world birth day

January 1st--new years day. An arbitrary day to choose to celebrate the beginning and end of another year. Just like jesus' birthday. December 25th? No way. If he was born at all he wasn't born on that day. He was probably born on one of the other 364 days of the year. Whatever, we as humans like to choose arbitrary days to celebrate once instead of living a celebrational life, everyday.

January 1st, or news years day. The world's birthday. We all drink champagne either because it is tradition to do so or because Andre is on sale December 31st. We drink too much champagne. Midnight is usually hazy and really the end of our night.

Making out at midnight. We forget about the earth as we slowly, but relatively quickly compared to her age, kill her. We are killers. We are burning our home for light to see ourselves in the mirror. Degrading rapists deflating her--now a partially deflated bladder. I don't even know what I'm talking about. Because I am just as implicated in this as every single other person. I'm making out at midnight and not thinking about anything but myself.

How many birthdays will she have until something gives? Something surely will soon, give, that is. She can't sustain us or we can't her but she is the roof over our heads protecting us from the wrath of herself. Hurricane Katrina is a good ethnocentric example. I think flag burning should be encouraged. All flags should be burned because ridding ourselves of borders and nationalism is the first step to becoming free from ethnocentricity.

I'm starting to rant and when I rant no one wants to listen anymore. I think I would not want to, anyways.

Hurricane Katrina is a good example of her ever growing wrath. She's angry. And she has been ever since we started fucking and burning her insides to sustain more of us. I love fucking. I am very human. Before about 150 years ago we didn't used to have this low of an infant mortality rate. Now we live in a world that is her, slightly gutted, but more of us can live. The modern world which we are progressing beyond and simultaneously digressing from is the cause of her decline.

The modern world will have to be the solution to the problem child we have created. 7 billion problem children.

Let's celebrate her birthday everyday from now on. I often try and maybe I succeed sometimes. But I fear that I am the epitome of failure in this manner.


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