Saturday, May 3, 2008


School is almost over...again. One more year for me, and then I'm done until I decide to go to graduate school. If I decide to go to graduate school. Should I go to graduate school??????

School, what a joke. I have been at Illinois State University three years now and have learned almost nothing except how to bullshit, everything. That is a good skill to have in this world, though. After graduating, I can probably bullshit my way into a well paying job if I want to. Or I could bullshit my way into graduate school. Or I could bullshit my way into some girls heart (that's just mean I shouldn't do that). Bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit what the fuck am I writing this for? I need to go bullshit my way through an advanced exposition portfolio to get an "A."

I need to get into things that I don't already know how to bullshit my way through. For instance, my legal writing allowed for no bullshitting. I actually had to learn how to write as a lawyer. It was a challenge and I'm very glad I took that class. But alas, it's over now and I shall return to the normal life of an English major.

Next year I am in my first 300 level class; it will be one of two that I will take in college before I get my degree. It's a women's literature class, Women in Literature 360 to be specific. That should be fun. I hope I can't simply bullshit my way through that or I will have lost all faith in the education system at ISU. More men should take women's literature classes. Because, men need to have a voice in women's issues. Not because men are all controlling assholes or anything like that, but because in order to have an open discussion about any issue it is best to have different perspectives on these issues. Women have gotten fucked out of many things over the past--forever--by men. But, it was not this man, and there are many other men like me.

Well, this rant successfully went from the topic of school being over soon all the way to a gender discussion. The latter I will return to at another time. The former I will probably come back to as well.

I've got too much to say sometimes.

peace and much love


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