Tuesday, April 8, 2008


first blog on this thing, I used to have a livejournal but I stopped using it once I realized it wasn't cool anymore. I chose the black background to save energy for all of your computers. I'm gonna save the world one energy efficient computer screen at a time!!!!

I can't stop listening to bob dylan lately. his music is timeless (which means it still has meaning today for all you unedgacated muthurfuckers). I want to go and hang out with him sometime, maybe smoke some weed, or maybe not because I'm not very social when I smoke and I want to talk to him and not just sit around listening to sublime. god damnit if bob dylan likes sublime I will cry.

I just ate eggplant parmesan with adam, jill, ian, joey, tim, and dave (but dave was a sleeping beauty so he didn't come over until after we had all stuffed ourselves full of delicious eggplant deliciousness.

well today was not a very eventful day, I didn't really get rained on as much as many people did (like ian, he looked like he fell in a river on the way to my apartment when he got over here). I have been toying with the idea of attempting to create a portfolio of artwork so that I could go to graduate school for art and not english. I think I can do that? art is cool and I want an excuse to spend all of my time doing it, but alas, I can only partially even justify starting a blog. it's not like I spend all my time on homework anyways though. like right there, I got so fucking sidetracked rockin out the last autosave on this machine from the future was at 9:56 and now it's 10:03...oh there we go! good job technology you autosaved again.

well I don't really have anything else to say right now. I hope it's nice outside tomorrow so I can slack line and paint my bike....oh yeah that's right I have to look up what kind of sealant I need to make sure the yellow doesn't fade or chip or anything like that.

peace and much love


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