Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shake It For Grandma Biography

The Tree Sloth, both the three and two toed varieties, spends practically the entirety of each week hanging upside down from the same tree. Approximately once during this week, the sloth leaves the safety of their tree to urinate and defecate waste generated from the tree's branches and leaves it has eaten. Though this practice makes them more vulnerable to predation, the sloth always deposits their waste in a hole at the base of the tree, and buries it in the same spot. In this way the sloth gives the tree back that which it can no longer use, and contributes to its own future meals.

Similarly, Shake It For Grandma, which consists of Ashley Wilde and Dorian Reynold, simultaneously nurture and receive nourishment from trees by inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, while the tree respires conversely by inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen through the same leaves which the Tree Sloth eats and shits. And, Shake It For Grandma invites you to join them in another mutualistic, symbiotic relationship by consuming their music. Listen, dance, and enjoy, while enabling them to create new tunes for you to get down to.

Though no one is quite sure what the "It" refers to in Shake It For Grandma. All are encouraged to use their own interpretive abilities to shake something. Do not attempt to live outside of this cyclical existence. Anyone who tries to do so will inevitably fail. Follow in the example of the Sloth and shake it.