Thursday, April 16, 2009

amored anus

twist donder gazing feather habit sub meters thirst for low anchors arms spread collect. and crown drifting down feeding mouth plankton part testing tense anus out. from spinal toes arms stretch litter bed morning glisten glitter trills ocean spinal nod wash through lungs networked. reservoirs. canals. tentacles. appendage mixes symmetricity. I see galaxies as yr bubbles learn swimming. takes more than have you drifted surface breathing twirling molecules sea glass octopeds patient rocking peace space. dollop breeze your spine fingers recede we are what’s seen through seen as ours. protons electrons in vertebraes clean us after practice rising trampled bed tests particularly reefs be the bottom if you swim my tube feet bottom if you babel in bubbles you wail patterns beating from. alas mobranchi you’ll gentle me seas disrupted shadows

Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 am

I don't know. Maybe I'm just reading too much Michael McClure. Here's a 3 am composition, written 6 1/2 days ago.

still being eyes like stiller best
nature forming cerebral
wrinkled conflict lift
lips or tilt low
found this flattened
I'd sway for you but crested and
tire instead we cant
ed. lemons cant lemonade drunk for
yr thirsty neighbors thin I think
like like I like this thinking time
just quit before I like this
weeks between seeing range truths
heard gushing sit embank
ed collecting molecular
followings cluttered
rushing though
eye scapes forming this honey
3 am converging difficulty
look when you earth
up centrifugals prostate
still being preluded with affirmity now
tooth breathing. sprouting masks
looming in smiles thawed
the like
the thought
the foot
the weighs
the door
the exchange particular
paint brushing guitar
the string
you reverberate sleep can like
my ears
to wind fingers
the branch
the stringer
neither does one
collections fly printed
patterns being. proximatize
exhalation towards hub for